Supported Living / Residential Habilitation
Our preeminent Residential Habilitation / Supported Living program here at Community Connections, Inc. enables adults of all ages with developmental disabilities to live in their own homes and fully participate in community activities with the 24hr support and assistance of our team of qualified professionals and highly trained staff.  Our participants live active, productive and healthy lives that empower them to learn, grow, and take pride and pleasure in their accomplishments.

Community Supported Employment
The dynamic professionals in our Community Supported Employment program assist individuals with disabilities in securing and maintaining employment with local and national employers in the community.  Through partnerships with area employers, Community Connections, Inc. helps participants identify job opportunities, apply and successfully prep for job interviews.  Our experienced Job Coaches work alongside participants on a daily basis to ensure they are successful in meeting their job expectations and in retaining the jobs they find so fulfilling.

Vocational Rehabilitation
Our Community Supported Employment program here at Community Connections, Inc. also partners with the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to serve the needs of individuals requiring employment support for a variety of reasons that include physical and mental health needs.  Work services range from evaluations, job-placement and follow-along to on-site support ensuring job duties are completed efficiently and employer / employee communication is in place.

Adult Developmental Therapy & Day Health
Our innovative and professionally-facilitated Adult Day program provides adults of all ages with developmental disabilities exciting opportunities to socialize, learn, and explore their community.  Our program is filled with exciting field trips and tours, unique craft projects, and fun leisure activities in a supervised and structured setting that fosters personal growth and self-advocacy in our participants.

Crisis Placement
Community Connections, Inc. provides emergency residential placement services for individuals with developmental disabilities whose community placement has been jeopardized or lost. The nature of this service often involves the need for short-term residential placement immediately available while participants work with a treatment team and other stakeholders to arrange for a longer term solution to the placement.  Community Connections, Inc. assists with staffing and daily living needs throughout this process.

Infant Toddler Service Coordination
As a contractor for the Department of Health & Welfare, Community Connections, Inc. assists Idaho’s Infant Toddler Program (ITP) in coordinating early intervention services to assist children birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or conditions (such as prematurity, Down Syndrome, hearing loss, etc.) that may result in a developmental delay.  Our service coordinators will help link children with services that promote their physical, mental and emotional development while supporting the needs of their families. These can include therapeutic, educational, and supportive services, such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Family Training, Counseling and Health Services.

School-based Developmental Services
Community Connections, Inc. works in partnership with various school districts across the state in an effort to provide in-school supports to students with developmental disabilities, aimed at promoting the student’s ability to participate in education services while providing an environment conducive to the classroom setting. Whether it is via Behavior Intervention or Supports, our professional staff work extremely hard to meet the needs of students, teachers, administrators and families.