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Our Team



Owner / President:     Tiffani Owen

Vice President:     Brian Fay


Quality Control Administrator:     Marie Moyer

Program Administrator, QIDP:     David Grace


Director of Financial Operations:     Brenda Neighbors

Human Resources

Office Manager:     Sarah Moore

Human Resources Manager:     Heather Ward

Human Resources Assistant:     Elyssa Taylor

Human Resources Assistant:     David Post

Residential Habilitation / Supported Living

Program Manager:     Tim Walbridge

Case Manager, QIDP:      Ana Andric

Case Manager, QIDP:      Brandi Pettinger

Senior Staff Support:     Tina Wilson

Staff Support:     Trevor Yurivilca

Staff Support:     Amber Sheppler

Staff Support, QIDP:     Erica Johnson

Program Development / Advocate, QIDP:     Jeff Neighbors

Representative Payee:     Debbie Mitchell

Community Supported Employment / Vocational Rehabilitation

Program Manager / Employment Specialist:     Michael Ogden

Senior Employment Specialist:     Karen Fitch

Employment Specialist:     Mary Morris

Case Manager:     Sydney Stringer

Support Coordinator:     Ryan Parrish

Adult Developmental Therapy / ADH

Program Manager:     Anna Applequist

Adult Developmental Specialist:     Chris Aitken

Adult Developmental Specialist:     Leah Cronen

Day Program Coordinator:     Priscilla Hall

Support Specialist:     Olivia Rauer

Infant / Toddler Service Coordination

Service Coordinator:     Sharina Jensen

Service Coordinator:     Hannah Frei


Twin Falls

Residential Habilitation / Supported Living

Supported Living Program Manager:     Mike Gordon

Staff Support, QIDP:     Jeremy Russell

Community Supported Employment / Vocational Rehabilitation

Employment Specialist:     Nicole Myhre


Post Falls

Regional Administrator:     Jessica Adams

Residential Habilitation / Supported Living

Case Manager, QIDP:     Mandy Childers

Staff Support, QIDP:     Sarah Boe

Staff Support:     Emily Castle

Community Supported Employment / Vocational Rehabilitation

Program Manager / Employment Specialist:     Perry Martinez

Case Manager:     Amanda Chambers

Staff Support:     Estella Lawson



Adult Programs Manager:     Anna Applequist

Residential Habilitation / Supported Living

Program Coordinator, QIDP:     Vandy Twitchell

Program Support:     DJ Merrill

Community Supported Employment / Vocational Rehabilitation

Employment Specialist:     Pam Leach

Program Support:     DJ Merrill

School-based Services

Developmental Support Coordinator, QIDP:     Patty Thompson


Quality Assurance Program

Marie Moyer

Anna Applequist

Chris Kerstetter

Susan Roberts