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About Us

Upon graduating from college, I worked at a Developmental Disability Agency (DDA) helping create and run their first children’s summer program and shortly thereafter assisted in the development of a second organization’s DDA to include the birth and growth of the children’s program, adult DDA and Residential Habilitation programs while acting as the Program Director.

Tiffani SnellingIn September of 2002, I opened Community Connections, Inc. for the sole purpose of acting as a Service Coordination Agency where CCI would be used to advocate for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Assisting participants in finding developmental services were keys to our early success but what we found was a select group of agencies that provided quality services with extremely lengthy waiting lists and then agencies that lacked in quality all together. This was the catalyst behind our expansion into other services for the population and eventual growth throughout the state over the years.

November 2003 saw us expand the program to include Developmental Therapy and opened the doors for IBI and Residential Habilitation services in January 2004.

Ultimately, I and our hundreds of wonderful employees, past and present, have worked extremely hard to see our programs truly be about the participant and their needs and I believe this shows within our organization. Providing services created for participant needs, not a program where the client adjusts to our program has been one of the many keys to CCI’s success.

The last few years has been incredible for many of our adult participants seeking employment within the community as our Vocational services have helped place participants in meaningful employment opportunities across the state. Our reputation for quality has also led us to contracts working with school districts (student based supports), various department’s of Correction (community placement), and other municipal entities (crisis placement & Infant Toddler Service Coordination); we are fortunate to work closely with so many partners across the state who share similar visions.

With locations in Boise, Nampa, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Post Falls, we look forward to working with you or someone you know in need of these vital services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our local representatives to learn more (see ‘Contact Us’ link on homepage) about how we help enhance the independence of so many lives across the state.


Tiffani Owen
Owner / Administrator